Kansas Christian Ashram

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Due to Covid-19 2021 Kansas Christian Ashram will transform to a virtual gathering!  We will continue to plan our future gatherings as we move forward.

We have also started work on smaller local weekend Ashram's around the state of Kansas. The website will be updated as soon as those plans are finalized.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

REMINDER:  The Covid 19 virus is causing change in many areas of our lives.  Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the Ashram family gathering scheduled for this July – at least physically.   We are going to be bold and do it electronically with ZOOM.  If you do not have the ZOOM app. on your computer or phone, please consider downloading it.   Many churches are worshipping with it.  The ID for our meeting is 875 7406 3108 and the password is 74219.   If you want to call in on your phone, 1-346 248 7799 should work.  IT IS A BOLD NEW WORLD BUT GOD STILL GUIDES US! 

  • The schedule for July 11th is looking like this:
  • 8:30am - Corporate Devotion Time leading into Time of the Open Heart
  • 9:30am - Message from Evangelist, Matt Henson
  • 10:30am - Family Meeting - Invite attendees to share their thoughts on the future of the Kansas Christian Ashram. 
  • Phil will present ideas that other Ashrams are exploring i.e. Retirement Communities, College Campuses, Weekend Ashrams.
  • Matt will present what the vision of the United Christian Ashram International is.
  • 11:30am - Matt will lead us into the Time of Overflowing Heart

Helpful Tips for Zoom Meetings

  • If you have headphones with a microphone, using them -  it will be helpful to hear and to be heard.
  • When logging into Zoom, assure you click on “Join with Computer Audio”
  • There are various options for viewing the other people on the video conference. You can choose to only see the person who is speaking or you can see the other participants. If you will go to the upper right corner of the meeting and click “Gallery View,” you will see all the participants on the call.
  • Good Zoom etiquette dictates that if you’re not speaking, you should mute yourself. In the bottom left screen in the toolbar, you can mute your audio (that is no one can hear you speak) or you can turn off your video. It is recommended that all participants mute audio to cut back on background noise while someone is speaking. When you want to speak, you can click on the microphone again to unmute yourself. You can also click: Alt + A to mute and unmute yourself. If you want to unmute quickly and for a short statement, you can hold the space bar to unmute yourself. In this case, you must hold down on the space bar to keep yourself unmuted.
  • If you click on “Participants” in the bottom toolbar, you will see a list of all the participants in the meeting. In this window, one of the features is “Raise Hand.” If you would like to identify yourself as someone who would like to speak, click this button. The person in charge of the meeting at that time, will identify you when he/she is ready for you to speak. This mechanism helps to bring a sense of order to the meeting.
  • If you want to make a comment or ask a question, find the “chat” button, again at the bottom.  You can type out whatever you want to say.  You can even direct it to a specific person.  Our team will be monitoring the chat conversation and will respond via chat or to everyone on the ZOOM.
  • You can even use the “reaction” button at the far right bottom to “clap” or give a “thumbs up” to what is being said.

Good news is this will be FREE.  Please make arrangements to be part of this family gathering.

 Please keep in touch with your Ashram family, Kansas and National at the links below:



Jesus is Lord!

    The Kansas Christian Ashram is a Family Camp and a disciplined time for Christian fellowship and learning. All ages are invited, welcome and wanted. There are excellent programs and teaching at each age level. Through Christ’s Spirit we seek unity and oneness. Our goal is to be “of one accord” in Christ. Here we find love, grace, forgiveness and healing. Christians are empowered. Lives are transformed. People are changed.
    You are invited to four incredible days of spiritual growth at The Kansas Christian Ashram. This interdenominational and intentionally Christian family camp offers a well-balanced schedule of worship, Bible study, prayer and fellowship activities for children, youth and adults of all ages and life-situations. An inspiring evangelist and expert Bible teacher lead everyone into significant personal growth. Popular leaders are specially chosen for the youth and children.

Christian Ashrams began in 1930 in India, under the leadership of E. Stanley Jones. It came to the US in 1940. The Hindi word “ashram” means “away from hard work.” The central theme of the Christian Ashram is “Jesus Is Lord!” The central teaching is “The Word (Jesus)".