Kansas Christian Ashram

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Due to Covid-19 2020 Kansas Christian Ashram will transform to a virtual gathering! Please join us July 11th at 9:00 a.m. right here..       (Zoom Link)
We will share more details as we get closer.   Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Jesus is Lord!
We have started work on a new normal for 2021 in person Ashram.

    The Kansas Christian Ashram is a Family Camp and a disciplined time for Christian fellowship and learning. All ages are invited, welcome and wanted. There are excellent programs and teaching at each age level. Through Christ’s Spirit we seek unity and oneness. Our goal is to be “of one accord” in Christ. Here we find love, grace, forgiveness and healing. Christians are empowered. Lives are transformed. People are changed.
    You are invited to four incredible days of spiritual growth at The Kansas Christian Ashram. This interdenominational and intentionally Christian family camp offers a well-balanced schedule of worship, Bible study, prayer and fellowship activities for children, youth and adults of all ages and life-situations. An inspiring evangelist and expert Bible teacher lead everyone into significant personal growth. Popular leaders are specially chosen for the youth and children.

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Sterling College
125 W. Cooper St. Sterling, Kansas 67579 

Christian Ashrams began in 1930 in India, under the leadership of E. Stanley Jones. It came to the US in 1940. The Hindi word “ashram” means “away from hard work.” The central theme of the Christian Ashram is “Jesus Is Lord!” The central teaching is “The Word (Jesus)".